School Policies & Documents

ACCESSIBILTY PLAN 2018127KB ALLERGY & ANAPHYLAXIS POLICY441KB ANTI BULLYING POLICY243KB ASTHMA POLICY293KB Allergens Policy285KB Attendance Policy January 2018487KB BEHAVIOUR & DISCIPLINE POLICY310KB BUMPED HEAD POLICY152KB CHILD PROTECTION POLICY386KB COMMUNICATION POLICY307KB COMPLAINT FORM 201783KB COMPLAINTS FLOWCHART144KB Charging and Remissions Policy October 201781KB Collective Worship - January 2018251KB Complaints Policy and Procedures 2018255KB DATA PROTECTION POLICY 2018199KB DRUGS EDUCATION POLICY145KB EXTENDED SCHOOLS POLICY156KB Educational Visits Policy January 20182MB FIRE SAFETY POLICY288KB Health & safety policy January 2018432KB INCLUSION POLICY172KB Intimate care policy January 2018214KB Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2016830KB Lettings Policy148KB MONITORING & EVALUATION 2018184KB Medicine policy January 2018218KB ONLINE SAFETY384KB POND SAFETY POLICY217KB POSITIVE HANDLING POLICY148KB Policies Marking & Presentation - September 2017166KB Positive Handling Policy335KB Privacy Notice 2017124KB Privacy Policy 2018107KB RE POLICY MAY 2018368KB RE Statement of Entitlement217KB Recruitment guide May 2017516KB SAFEGUARDING POLICY 2017-18401KB SEN POLICY169KB SINGLE EQUALITY PROPOSED PLAN575KB Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy September 2018387KB Safety Handbook 2017751KB School Smoke Free Policy January 2018188KB Sex & Relationships Education Policy149KB Social network policy January 2018605KB Supporting children with medical conditions January 2018418KB VISITORS POLICY 2018144KB Whistleblowing policy 2017178KB
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