We Are Reading

26 April 2018

Farington Moss St Paul’s CE Primary School has committed to Lancashire’s year of reading in 2018 and made the following pledge:

The Pledge During the year of reading, we are committed to:

  • Becoming a reading school.
  • Seeking out every opportunity to improve standards in reading within our school.
  • Encouraging reading for pleasure.
  • Enabling children to read in depth in a wide range of subjects, deepening their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum.
  • Working with other schools, our local library and other partners to promote reading as a life-long skill.

We Are Reading

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Well done to the children who participated in the UCLAN Confucius talent competition and achieved second place for their five animal Thai Chi performance. Congratulations to Liam Withy, Finlay McGrath, Charlie Pickard, Grace Yeates, Emma Howard, Lily-May Clark, Bobbie Donaldson, Holly Davies, Scarlett Roxby, Joshua Braddock, Ruby Yates and Jasmine Parr.

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