We Are Reading

26 April 2018

Farington Moss St Paul’s CE Primary School has committed to Lancashire’s year of reading in 2018 and made the following pledge:

The Pledge During the year of reading, we are committed to:

  • Becoming a reading school.
  • Seeking out every opportunity to improve standards in reading within our school.
  • Encouraging reading for pleasure.
  • Enabling children to read in depth in a wide range of subjects, deepening their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum.
  • Working with other schools, our local library and other partners to promote reading as a life-long skill.

We Are Reading

© 2018

Year 3/4 athletics results

Well done Year 3 and Year 4 for your incredible performance in the recent indoor athletics competition. I was so impressed with your team spirit and your efforts in all of the events. Overall we came 7th which is a fantastic result! Well done. 

The girl's results 
  • Obstacle relay: 8th
  • 1+1 relay: 6th
  • 2+2 relay: 3rd
  • 6 lap paarlauf: 2nd
  • Over/under relay: 8th
  • 4x1 relay: 8th
  • Chest push: 2nd
  • Speed bounce: 4th
  • Long jump: 2nd
  • Triple jump: 7th
  • Vertical jump: 8th
  • Javelin: 5th
The boy's results
  • Obstacle relay: 5th
  • 1+1 relay: 1st
  • 2+2 relay:6th
  • 6 lap paarlauf: 9th
  • Over/under relay: 3rd
  • 4x1 relay: 10th
  • Chest push: 10th
  • Speed bounce: 7th
  • Long jump: 4th
  • Triple jump: 8th
  • Vertical jump: 9th
  • Javelin: 8th
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